TopperLift makes your truck home on the road. What you do with that is up to your imagination. We always like to see and hear about new truck camping builds. If you have a TopperLift story please share it with us. We also want to hear about your adventures as you use TopperLift to go farther in the wilderness or wherever the road takes you.

Here is Mr. Cook’s from Arizona’s TopperLift truck camping story:

The first step is to install a track bar to the front of the bed. This track bar is specific for a Toyota Tacoma and fits perfectly in the Zr2. Drill five holes use a drill stop so you don’t hit your cab and install plus nuts to secure to the bed. The track bar was from Amazon and the plus nuts were from eBay. Even though the front rams are installed at the front of the cab you can still use the lifting mechanisms on the side of the shell. Notice on the driver side front the bracket is turned long ways to reach to the side of the shell. Well the right side is a normal bracket install to the side of the shell. Tip. Order more 3M adhesive promoter as one package is not enough to do all of the Velcro install. This install did not require the front rams to lift the front of the shell where there is limited room for the lift brackets.  Noticed on the driver side the bed is consumed with the fuel hose therefore the two front Rams need to be installed to the front rail. Because the ZR2 comes with a spray in bed, the supplied Velcro does not adhere well to it. Tip. Use self tapping screws in combination with the pictured adhesive (E6000) to ensure a good bond to the bed surface. Especially at the rear where the tent connects.

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