“The TopperLift is a topper lifting system. This Universal all electric system is powered directly from your vehicles’ 12 volt battery. That means no hydraulics or air to worry about. Holding the safety switch, select up or down on the control box, and your existing topper lifts to give you the extra room you need. No need to remove your topper when you need more space!

The linear actuators are capable of lifting a total of 900 lbs with a lifting height of 17.5 inches. Your topper seals firmly back down onto your truck bed just as easily as it raises. Eliminate headaches from removing your topper for those large loads, simply lift the topper up to solve those problems.

Add the Weekend Camper package and transform your existing truck and topper into a cozy pop-up camper in seconds!. Large zippered side windows allow for easy side load access, good ventilation and a big view of those amazing vistas! Hauling, camping, fishing, hunting and all your outdoor activities just became that much easier! The Weekender Camper Package Includes the 3 side panels and the Weekender Back. The Weekender Back Utilizes the tailgate for extra room and is perfect for short bed pick-ups needing to maximize sleeping space and the entrance functions similar to a traditional dome-style tent.”

Any Truck, Any Topper! Limits, Lifted.

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